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He Kai Kei Aku Ringa!


The whakataukī, ‘he kai kei aku ringa’ literally translates to mean, ‘there is food in my hands.’

Over the last year, however, we have learned from our discussions with whānau that ‘he kai kei aku ringa’ reflects a broad understanding of kai (food) and Māori kai systems.

He Kai Kei Aku Ringa is a project which explores these understandings and really looks at the kai stories of our whānau.

It places whānau as the experts within the context of their lived intergenerational experience.

He Kai Kei Aku Ringa hopes to affirm and encourage you and your whānau to continue your journeys towards creating better relationships with kai, and all that that entails.

It is a kaupapa for you in the hopes that you will feel uplifted, inspired and encouraged to continue on your journey with kai.


Te Kaupapa

We have created a series of short films which delve into the lives of five whānau as they share their broad understandings of the whakataukī ‘he kai kei aku ringa’ and how they practise these in their everyday lives.

Additional resources include a 4-week meal plan to support you and your whānau as your personal relationships with food evolve and grow.

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Kai Cards

These kai cards are a helpful tool to support you and your whānau to build your kete (basket) of capabilities in:

  • Food preparation,
  • Feeding tamariki 2-4 years of age
  • Basic nutritional literacy

We have developed these weekly meal planners with tasty and nutritious recipes while making sure they are budget-friendly and whānau approved.

Ultimately these recipes are only a guide that hope to give you and your whānau greater agency as you explore the world of kai with your tamariki and pēpī.

You can choose between either English or te reo Māori kai cards!

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