Emerging Dietary Trends

Jessica Meads.

This month we are kicking off the series with a webinar addressing dietary trends seen in the community. Our in-house dietitian Jessica Meads will be facilitating this session.

Dietary trends, fads, and different patterns of eating are becoming more and more common within our communities. The diets in review are: Gluten Free (without a gluten related disorder), Low Carbohydrate, Paleo, Optifast and Isagenix. We know there is no single solution to healthy eating for everyone and often our whānau look to these trends as a pathway for hauora or solutions. Therefore, as kaimahi it is important that we are able to facilitate open healthy conversations with individuals and whānau about these trends and allow them to share what they enjoy. We also discuss the usefulness, sustainability and appropriateness of some these trends for themselves.