Nudge for health sector

Nudge is a health tracking app for smartphones and tablets that generates a single score, measuring how healthy the user is living. Nudge connects to personal health applications and devices while also allowing users to connect with friends and family. Specific health components can be focused on in conjunction with the support from a coach.

As a coach, clients use the free Nudge App to sync their mobile health and fitness data. Once synced, their data flows into a Nudge Coach account; it is then organised and easily able to be analysed. Customisable alerts use this data to tell the coach when someone is likely to need attention. Each client gets a Nudge Score showing which individuals are most engaged. The easy-to-use Touchpoints tool lets the coach send messages and create notes for a detailed client history.

Coach – ‘Nudge is great because it is simplistic. You get to know your clients, your whānau well with all of the in-depth technical information without having to actually be too intrusive. This makes accountability simply an ongoing conversation and a perfect stepping stone for some healthy conversations’. – Hariata Tai Rakena, Toi Tangata.

User – ‘Sleep and water tabs confirm they are just as important as nutrition and fitness. Broadens the view of hauora rather than just being about the image and nutrition. Easy touch tabs, user friendly. Indulgences tab is included (but can also be hidden) which says its ok to have them but not too much lol. Good app for whānau in my view.’ –Toi Roa student

Toi Tangata has teamed up with the guys from Nudge and as a consequence service providers have access to subscribe as a coach for a discounted rate. With a standard prescription, providers are able to use Toi Tangata branded landing pages and signage. Alternatively, providers can have their own signage integrated into their interface as a part of the premium plan.

Some special notes to consider:

• A standard Nudge Coach plan at USD$50 per month is roughly NZ$74.
• Through Toi Tangata, Nudge offer a 3-month subscription for USD$115 (NZ$169), which is roughly 30% savings.
• As expected with fluctuating currency exchanges, this may increase or decrease the cost of an annual subscription if it isn’t purchased in full upfront.

Nā Hariata Tai Rakena