Toi Tangata Summer Student Internships

Callie Corrigan.

For the fourth year running, our team have been leading Toi Tangata Summer Internship opportunities. These are a ten-week scholarships aimed at enabling students to explore a meaningful project and are worth $5,000. These internships are part of a number of strategies within the project Growing the Puna, and is aimed at fostering and supporting tauira Māori who are coming through tertiary studies in sport and exercise science, physical education and more recently, nutrition and dietetics. The internships help to grow connections that enhance knowledge sharing and connections between the Māori public health sector, academic institutes and communities.

This webinar would be great for those students interested in the summer internship and are looking to apply, academics who would like to learn how to connect with Toi Tangata, or those kaimahi and providers in the community who would like to grow those learning connections. Throughout the webinar we will be hearing from past interns as well as sharing the projects for this year’s successful candidates.