Top 5 list for being active and eating well over the summer break

It can be pretty tough staying active and making healthy eating choices during the summer holiday season with all that yummy kai around, but there are some great ways to keep you healthy over this period. We’ve come up with some tips to support you feeling your best.

1) Move most days

Engage in the joy of movement #toirehia. Being active does not have to be calculated, coordinated or regimented. Play games, explore our natural environment, have a boogie at a music festival, create an at home circuit with the resources around you or simply take the time to get into those household and community projects that need a little elbow grease. Why not take the time try some new things? Moving is simple, don’t over complicate the opportunity have fun and look after your physical mauri.

2) Limit alcohol and sugary drinks

Make wai Māori your first beverage choice. Energy dense liquids have lots of calories but will not fill you up. They sometimes even make you hungrier! Be aware of your intake of sugary and alcoholic drinks. Drinking responsibly has an affect on your mauri. Remember, a meal and a sugary or alcoholic drink can have twice the calories as the same meal and a glass of water. #WaiAriki

3) Prepare your own meals

Preserving summer fruits and vegetable, gathering your own kai and preparing your own meals can be a rewarding way enjoy the abundance of kai available at this time. In almost all circumstances (unless you have lots of money) the food you bring have a hand in preparing is healthier than what you buy. Aim to make use of the seasonal produce (which will be both fresher and cheaper!) and try out some fresh recipes such as our Pōtiki Salad. #KaiMāoriKaiOra

4) Make the most of summer

Remember in the winter when it was dark when you went to work and dark when you came home (not to mention cold and wet)? This extra daylight and warmth needs to be celebrated! How about a post dinner walk or a game of bat down or cricket? There are some great summer games you can play, so why not get out of the house as a whānau and do something fun?

5) Get to the water!

Aotearoa is surrounded by beautiful water spaces with our rivers, lakes and ocean. Connecting with your natural water environments will enhance your mauri whether you’re having fun swimming, collecting kaimoana or simply cooling off this summer. It is important important to learn and understand the dynamics of engaging in these water spaces. Not confident in the water? Swim or aqua jog close to shore instead.

Kia Maanu: Kia Ora – Stay Afloat Stay Alive.

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