Kia ora – Eudaimonia and being well

Hariata Tai Rakena.

What does living well and being happy have to do with positive continuation of whakapapa?

​Hariata has been a part of the team at Toi Tangata for over three years since her introduction in the first summer student internship in 2013/2014. All the while, she has continued to be engaged with research and further study. This kaupapa was a part of some sport psychology research she completed last year. Hariata sought to better understand the nature of effective exercise practitioner community relationships. From there, she combined her own personal philosophy to relevant literature and then applied this approach in a field study. Hariata will share the interesting insights from her study and how this can be used with Māori communities.

The purpose of this webinar is to demonstrate how a eudaimonic approach can support sustainable wellness through physical activity, in the hope of strengthening a practitioner’s relationship with clients, whānau and communities. In particular, it will discuss the connection between happiness and flourishing health. Reference to some helpful literature will be discussed to introduce eudaimonia and how this principle is relevant to this setting. The webinar will also cover the satisfaction of psychological needs, the development of intrinsic motivation and the use of reflective practice. Finally, practical examples from within Hariata’s research will be shared to offer her interpretation of relevant theories.