The Ol@ Or@ Journey: Navigating Digital Health and Wellbeing Platforms and Mātauranga Māori

The Ol@-Or@ research project, initially called the Welltext project, aims to create an intervention tool to reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes in Māori and Pacific Islanders.

Funded by the Healthier Lives He Oranga Hauora National Science Challenge, the study works in partnership with Māori and Pasifika communities (with the target age group of 18 years or older) to create and design a mobile health lifestyle support programme (mHealth Tool).

In this panel webinar, the team looks at the development and exploration of the Ol@/Or@ mobile health tool. Join them as they share the lessons learned and their application within this research project and extend our collective understanding of the contribution that mātauranga Māori can make to contemporary nutrition and physical activity movements.

The panel will take participants through the Mahi Auaha design process and stimulate the creative platforms that are possible through co-design approaches. The navigation of one’s hauora journey is never a one size fits all approach. Through their involvement in this challenge they offer insights around the application of Mahi Auaha (Co-Design) which enables health providers and community champions to gain a better understanding of community health needs and service delivery improvements for the user.

Follow the journey into this emergent space and learn about the strengths and challenges of utilising digital platforms to improve health and wellbeing. Digital platforms may offer an equal and reciprocal relationship between professionals and the core economy (family, neighbourhood and community), shifting the balance of power, responsibility and resources to a more mutually beneficial situation across a range of settings (Sanders & Stappers, 2008).

From the creation of a new service to improving existing one’s, Mahi Auaha, underpinned by kaupapa Māori, has an exciting and innovative role in shaping approaches to health and wellbeing in Aotearoa.