He Awatea Hou- Whanau Health Literacy Evaluation for Bariatric Surgery 2017

Ref: Hayward B, Villa L and Watts C. (2018)  He Awatea Hou whānau health literacy evaluation for bariatric surgery 2017.
Auckland: Toi Tangata, the Fono, Quigley and Watts, Counties Manukau DHB and Waitemata DHB.


  • Over the past three decades rates of obesity have been increasing in New Zealand across all age groups (Ministry of Health, 2015a).
  • Rates of obesity vary starkly between ethnic groups and are the highest among Pacific adults, with 61 per cent of males and 68 per cent of females obese (Ministry of Health, 2015a).
  • Bariatric surgery is an elective surgery which is offered in New Zealand as a tool for weight loss (Health Navigator NZ, 2017). There is a high demand for bariatric surgery in New Zealand.
  • Improving health literacy and whānau participation is critical for improving equity of access and equity of outcome for bariatric surgery.

He Awatea Hou

  • Navigation support for the whole whānau.
  • The aim of the programme is to support health literacy for patients and their whānau. Also support service change.
  • Goal setting at home, going to the supermarket together, advocating to clinical staff where needed, supporting whānau understanding, linking with other services, attending clinical appointments, translating medical information.

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