Dr Geoff Kira

Hauora Māori sovereignty in the three pillars of health: e kai, e moe, e kori tinana.

There is no doubt that kai (food), moe (sleep), and kori tinana (physical activity) are all important for health and wellbeing. In Te Ao Pākehā, these behaviours are seen as the three pillars of health, however in Te Ao Māori, they are tools to attain Hauora. By applying Tā Mason’s Te Whare Tapa Wha, the three behaviours become the means by which we can access better health. The barriers to Hauora for Māori are culturally different to Pākehā and this is why most mainstream health programmes do not work effectively for Māori. Geoff will touch on each behaviour and ways we can improve our access, and therefore sovereignty, to Hauora. He will also, touch on two additional “pillars” that already serve as examples of how Hauora Māori can be enhanced by seeing these behaviours not as holy grails but as the means (behaviours) to the ends (hauora).