Toi Tangata commends Rotorua marae’s fizzy free stance

Here at Toi Tangata we love hearing about the positive kaupapa that hāpori, Iwi, hapū and whānau are implementing. We commend Tūnohopū Marae, in Rotorua, for stepping up and adopting a fizzy drink and plastic bottle ban on their marae. 

Theleadership of Tūnohopū Marae of Ohinemutu, Rotorua, for their adoption of a fizzy drink and plastic bottle ban is worthy of celebration while at the same time a timely reminder for other marae to follow suit. 

“Embracing this kaupapa is an awesome step in supporting the wellbeing of the hapū. The marae is setting a great example for whānau and the community on how to make healthy lifestyle choices,” says Megan Tunks, Toi Tangata CEO. 

“We know that our whanau and communities want to shape healthy, sugar free environments. A simple and positive action whanau can take is through embracing kaupapa such as this on marae and in community events.”

“It is great to see marae doing their part in encouraging oranga and we support these initiatives 100 per cent. We know that alongside these efforts, increased availability of safe and clean water will encourage whānau to choose wai Māori,” says Tunks.

“We applaud the Tūnohopū Marae trustees for making this bold move and think they should be very proud to know that they are supporting their whānau to live longer and healthier lives and are setting a great example of community leadership in hauora Māori.”

The kaupapa reflects the mahi Toi Tangata does with Wai Maori Ngai Maori to promote water as the first drink of choice, normalising healthier lifestyle choices. Toi Tangata also commends the mahi of sustainability initiative, Para Kore, for their support of the marae.

“Tūnohopū Marae has shown a strong commitment to oranga tinana through the promotion of wai Māori which is embedded in te ao Māori. Toi Tangata encourages other marae to step up to the kaupapa of embracing a fizzy drink free space for whanau,” says Tunks. 

“Everyone benefits from a healthy environment.”

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